This is a Mini-Post as blogging isn’t my strong point.

When I was in High School, I used to talk about a personal theory to my friends when we were being deep, most likely after some Purple Passion or Mad Dog 20/20.  I had a theory called the ‘Tumbleweed Theory’, it went something like this….

Some people don’t engage or care about what happens to them.  They allow themselves to literally be blown around by the whims of others, such as a Texas Tumbleweed in the wind.  Tumbleweeds would blow around the fields I grew up by and would only stop when they hit a barbed-wire fence.  There they accumulated until someone removed them, as they were already dead.

I knew a lot of friends that operated that way.  Always just going with the flow, not really caring about controlling the outcome at all.  Basically, a Tumbleweed.  Because, when they didn’t make decisions or put in an effort on anything.. someone else always did.  They ended up being pulled along with the crowd, or having to do things they didn’t want to because they didn’t make decisions leading up to the event.  I always saw that as weak or Beta.  I myself fell victim to this mindset sometimes when I was getting down on myself.  Usually,  I was the one coming up with the game plans or making the decisions with what we were all going to do as a group.

This is applicable to the Real World. If you don’t step-up and make small decisions daily, someone else will be glad to make them for you.  Making some decisions is fun, sometimes it’s easy…. and a lot of time it sucks ass.  No one wants to make the hard decisions that have to be made every week for personal reasons, family or business reasons.  They won’t go away, but may be decided by someone stronger than you.

I’ve learned to be more Alpha in my middle-age mind.  When you come to the conclusion that no one is going to take away your birthday, (a phrase my wife uses), and you’re not going to die…. then who gives a fuck.  Make those decisions fast and furious, and if things mess up, then make some corrections and keep pushing forward.  I’ve started to jump off the cliff and figure it out on the way down. The added pressure forces you to get creative fast.

With our tech in our phones and laptops, you can figure things out really fast.  You can make educated guesses, ask questions to experts, get a consensus from your peers, etc. etc. in order to assist in making a decision in front of you.

If you fail, you fail.  Learn what not to do and try it again.  So, the Tumbleweed Theory applies to the plethora of Beta Males and Females in our society… that’s why when you adopt an Alpha approach, you become a force and someone others will look to when things get tough, or to emulate.